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    Why choose Solid Surface over Marble or Granite?
   It is roughly half the cost for a comparable quality. We fabricate Solid Surface countertop next day after the cabinets are set thus eliminating unpredictable wait times from third party stone suppliers.

     What is the difference between Thinscape and Solid Surface? 
     ThinScape an artificial stone but has a more natural texture. It cannot be fabricated with layers as its seam would be visible. Fabrication costs of Thinscape are smaller, cabinets have extra space.
     Solid Surface however has more uniform texture which can allow to make thicker countertop from the same 1/2" thickness material. 

      What is the difference between TFL cabinet door vs painted 5 part shaker door?
     Shaker door is more expensive to make and it needs painting on top. A TFL door panel can be manufactured in a shorter timeline.

      What is the difference between 5 part shaker vs slab shaker door?
     A slab shaker door is milled from Medex panel and less costly to make than 5 part shaker. 
     Medex panel door has many options in design such as flat, recessed panel, phantom shiplap or circular shapes. However, it needs painting, large panels are prone to wrapping a bit. 

  What is a Medex panel?
 A Medex panel is a superior grade of MDF (medium density fiberboard). It is used for cabined doors, panels, and many other interior trim applications like shiplap. However it will require painting. 

    What are your lead times from start to finish?

    Standalone cabinets that do not need custom installation in field can be turned around in a week from the date of order to delivery. 

    Kitchen renovation takes four weeks of planning, fabrication plus two weeks of in-field installation. 

   What is a typical process a cabinetry project? 
    A typical project has 4 steps from start to finish:
  a) design
  b) fabrication of cabinet parts
  c) cabinet assembly
  d) cabinet installation

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